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It was shocking to learn that the average woman uses 168 chemicals in their daily personal care regimen and up to 60% are absorbed into our bloodstream! LUMIONskin’s mission is to create an honest, natural beauty product that is accessible and easy. Our ingredients are all found in the human body, so when we say natural we mean natural. As a company we feel passionate about promoting a health conscious lifestyle that promises to be transparent, effective and safe.

Our founders

Amy and Lisa both were fortunate enough to have grown up in homes that stressed the importance of a health conscience lifestyle. Amy who owns multiple fitness studios is always on-the-go and found her skin suffering from breakouts. Lisa who was living a life filled with work and travel was searching for the perfect natural product to fit her lifestyle.

In 2010, Amy’s father, a health-conscious entrepreneur, began experimenting with the stabilization of the LUMION formula because he believes that the toxic ingredients found in most consumer products are degrading our health. After using the serum directly on breakouts and the mist throughout the day, Amy began to see immediate results in the quality of her skin. Her skin now had a healthy and youthful glow. Amy shared her discovery with Lisa who quickly fell in love with the product. Amy and Lisa partnered in 2015 to launch LUMIONskin.

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