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The Science
behind it all

"LUMIONskin takes skincare back to the basics with natural, safe and active ingredients that help optimize skin health. Easy to use and effective — this natural alternative helps skin look its best without risk or irritation"

   Dr. Dendy Engelman, dermatologist


Hypochlorous acid is an infection fighting compound found naturally in the human body. Hypochlorous acid has been known to reverse markers of epidermal aging, protect against environmental aggressors, fight bacteria and cleanse the skin. As an antimicrobial and antiviral, hypochlorous acid stimulates healing by signaling oxygenation and epithelial knitting, while working to decrease scarring.

PH Level


The electrolysis process creates oxygen. Oxygen helps to promote skin cell metabolism, smooth fine lines and increase hydration. Oxygen stimulates the body’s natural healing function, is an anti-inflammatory, and stimulates collagen production. As we age, our oxygen is depleted, the unique fusion of 02 + HOCL replenishes the skin to bring back your natural youthful radiance. Oxygen is vital for healthy skin.

potential (ORP)


Dead Sea salts are a gold mine of health benefits thanks to a myriad of essential minerals. Magnesium helps to slow aging skin. Calcium plays an important role in cell protection. Potassium balances skin moisture.

Essential trace

Dead Sea Salts

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The Magic

The ‘magic’ here is not really ‘magic’ at all, but rather nature at its purest combined with proven science. Hypochlorous acid is an infection fighting substance found naturally in the human body and replicated by running an electrical charge through a combination of salt and water. This electro-chemical reaction reproduces hypochlorous acid and paves the way for a new generation of health, healing and cleanliness.

The Science

Hypochlorous acid, in the body, works to break down the cells that are creating an infection by destroying the cell membrane and its DNA, thus halting its replication or growth process. When utilized as an application outside the human body, hypochlorous acid works in much the same way, destroying the cell membranes of harmful bacteria and toxins that reside on our skin or in our environment.

The Discovery

For over one hundred years HOCL has been known to be a powerful oxidizer. In the early part of the 20th century, scientists experimented with various formulations, trying to stabilize and harness the disinfecting qualities of this amazing compound.

The Advantage

Today, hypochlorous acid is bottled in a stabilized form so that you have a weapon to use against the countless environmental aggressors that threaten the health of your skin.

Our Products

maximize the power of oxygen and HOCL

Lumion Skin Serum

LUMIONskin Serum

A lightweight oxygen-rich serum with HOCL smoothes fine lines, clarifies, purifies and illuminates your skin.


Lumion Skin Mist

LUMIONskin Mist

Same effective proprietary ingredients as our serum bottled up into a light, refreshing mist to be used all day, everyday.