Cleanse the way nature intended.

LUMION Goes Beyond Beauty. Gentle enough for your face, yet strong enough for your hands. LUMION keeps you safe and healthy while bringing out your natural glow.

Electrically charged HOCL delivers pure Oxygen into the skin.

“My journey to skin freedom was a rough road. I felt discouraged and anxious while hiding behind my makeup and hair. Our mission is to lead you on a smooth, simple journey to clear and healthy skin — skin freedom. We promise you will never look back.”

xx Amy

SAY HELLO TO CLEAN, CLEAR, HYDRATED + GLOWING SKIN. LUMION brings your body's own healing agent (HOCL) to your skin. YOU can spray anywhere and know you are safe. LUMION IS ALCOHOL-FREE PROTECTION FOR YOUR SKIN.

Mimics the body's immune system
We support entrepreneurs in the Rwanda with every purchase
Made in the USA at an FDA Approved facility
Knows + Loves all skin types
Helps prevent the embarrassment of breakouts
Dermatologist tested + Approved

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