Chlorophyll. Why it is good for you!

May 7, 2019

Every morning our co-founder, Amy, wakes up and enjoys a tall cup of swampy green looking water to help kickstart her day! It not only helps to provide an energy boost, but it helps to rid the body of toxins, prevent infections, reduce odor, and protect the skin!

So what makes this water so magical and why is it green? It's all thanks to Chlorophyll! How's that for a science class flashback. If you nee da little refresher, chlorophyll is the pigment that gives plants their green color and traps sunlight to help with photosynthesis.

For us humans on the other hand, chlorophyll is filled with essential vitamins and nutrients and is an amazing detoxifier because it aids in the production of liver enzymes which help your body to naturally eliminate unwanted toxins.

Another reason to add chlorophyll to your daily routine? it does wonderful things for your skin! Chlorophyll works to purify the blood which has a tremendous effect on your complexion because when your blood is cleaner, it helps to deliver oxygen throughout the body more efficiently  which in turn has a healthier, fresh-faced effect on your skin! It's also an anti-inflammatory as well as an anti-microbial with wound- healing properties so it's able to help prevent breakouts, infections and inflammation from occurring! Chlorophyll's benefits are sounding a lot like benefits of LUMION..right!? So imagine if you incorporated them both into your daily routine! 

Chlorophyll is also a great natural deodorant alternative if you're looking for one; not only does it help to reduce odor coming from your armpits and feet, but it works from the inside out which can help freshen breath as well as reduce urinary odors!

Feel good, look good and smell even better by incorporating chlorophyll into your routine either by eating more green, leafy vegetables or adding drops of liquid chlorophyll to your water or smoothies.

Amy likes to add 4 drops of chlorophyll to her glass of water with a squeeze of lemon! An easy recipe for a healthier lifestyle? Why not!