HOCL: 2020's Best Skincare and Acne Solution

Are you sick and tired of dealing with acne?

If so, you're not alone. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, acne affects over 50 million Americans annually. Researchers in the UK also found that there's a link between depression and acne.

Luckily, scientists are discovering more and more ways to combat acne.

One ingredient that could help combat acne flare-ups is hypochlorous acid (also known as HOCL). But, what exactly is HOCL? And, what can it do for your skin?

Check out this guide to learn everything you need to know about using HOCL as an acne solution.

What is HOCL? 

First things first, what exactly is HOCL - hypochlorous acid hocl?

HOCL is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in white blood cells. The white blood cells that HOCL is found in are called neutrophils. Neutrophils help control the body's response to an injury and protect the body against infection.

HOCL basically acts as a second line of defense in the body, as it travels to the site of the infection and kills the bacteria and pathogens in order to reduce further harm to the body.

In addition to helping the body fight against acne, there is buzz amongst the scientific community that HOCL could also help fight diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and even HPV. However, more research still needs to be conducted in these areas.

How HOCl is Manufactured

So, if HOCl is found naturally in the body, how is it that you're able to buy it as a skincare product?

To replicate the HOCl that occurs naturally in the body, scientists use a process called electrolysis. Through this process, they combine natural ingredients like salt and water to transform them into this powerhouse skincare compound. This is what makes it possible to buy Lumion Miracle Mists and other products with HOCl.

Just as taking a daily multivitamin can help improve your overall wellness, so too can using HOCl in topical form help improve your skin.

Why Use HOCl for Acne?

So, why should you be using HOCl for acne?

HOCl has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and wound healing properties. These properties don't just prevent new acne from forming, they also help treat existing acne and heal acne marks.

Just recently, Sonoma Pharmaceuticals released a study pertaining to acne and HOCl. The study looked at 127 patients who suffered from mild to moderate acne. They had the patients use both solutions and gels on their acne. They found that HOCl is an effective topical treatment for these types of acne. The principal investigator of the study, Mark Steven Nestor, M.D., Ph.D., stated that:

"This study truly demonstrates that both of these new HOCl products show significant efficacy in the treatment of mild-to-moderate acne...And in doing so, both the gel and the solution were extremely well-tolerated. Additionally, based on the safety profile of HOCl, I have no problem recommending HOCl topical treatment to young children or women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. I can envision a time in the very near future when this will become a standard protocol in the treatment of acne vulgaris either alone or in combination with other treatments."

Who Should Use HOCl?

HOCl solutions isn't just for those who suffer from mild to moderate acne. HOCl can help your skin in all kinds of ways. Here are some ways in which HOCl can help your skin:


HOCl is an effective cleansing agent, as it safely removes biofilms as well as other irritants. One study found that it had a greater than 99 percent reduction in killing 23 types of microorganisms.

Breaking Down Bacterial Biofilm

The formation of biofilm is considered to be a serious issue for those who have chronic wound infections. HOCl contains antibiofilm activity that not only works to break down biofilm, but also kill the microorganisms within the biofilm.

But, why exactly is biofilm such a problem for your skin? Biofilm is an issue for several reasons. For one, biofilm is made up of a complex structure of microorganisms that form a protective shell. This shell makes it possible for the bacteria to collect and proliferate.

Additionally, biofilm adheres to chronic wounds. This makes it difficult for your body to destroy bacteria and other pathogens.

Providing Quick Relief

Hypochlorous acid solution can also quickly alleviate itchiness, pain, and swelling.

In fact, one study found looked at how effective HOCl was in alleviating itchiness in patients with mild to moderate dermatitis. After just one day, 50 percent of the participants reported an improvement in itching, and after 3 days, 85 percent of participants reported an improvement in itching.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

One of the worst parts about acne is dealing with the inflammation. In the past, you've probably tried using lemons, toothpaste, or apple cider vinegar on your inflamed acne to no avail.

For those looking to fight acne inflammation, HOCl may be the answer to your prayers. This is because HOCl reduces wound inflammation that prohibits healing.

Healing Acne and Other Wounds

Sometimes, it can feel like it takes forever for an acne wound to heal.

If you want to speed up the healing process, HOCl is a great solution. HOCl accelerates the natural healing process by increasing oxygen to the area that's in need of help. HOCl is also a natural vasodilator, which means it aids in widening blood vessels so that oxygen can flow more easily to the wound site.

Are You Ready to Give HOCl a Try?

As you can see, HOCl is a pretty powerful ingredient when it comes to fighting acne. Now, you just need to find the right product for your skin.

Our company, Lumion, sells both a mist and a serum that can help fight your acne. The mist is great for purifying, hydrating, and calming your skin, while the serum is great for balancing and clarifying your complexion. For the best results, we recommend using both products. Check them out today.