Summer white, still a thing?

June 13, 2019

Since the 19th century, the top fashion "rule" has been "No White After Labor Day" - apparently someone decided that color can only be incorporated into your wardrobe during the summer months, Memorial Day through Labor Day to be precise.

So how exactly did this even come to be a thing?? It's been speculated that the reason behind this fashion trend is that lighter clothes will help to keep you cooler in the summer (makes sense, right?), but it was also seen as a sign of social status. According to an article in Marie Claireif you wore white in the summer it usually meant that you were wealthy and had a vacation home you could escape to; on the flip side those who stayed in the city working wore dark clothes. 

Although it's not surprising status could have been a factor in the origination of this rule, we much prefer the idea that the trend came about once Labor Day was made a federal holiday in 1894, marking the end of the summer which meant bye bye to light breezy clothing and hello dark layers!

When it comes to this age-old rule we say disregard it completely and rock that summer white all year long! There's nothing like a nice white linen dress on a hot summer day but it's equally as fashionable to wear a cozy, oversized white sweater with a pair of jeans and boots in the fall.

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