The Alex Jay Routine

Our Social Media Manager, Alex Jay, is the master when it comes to creating aesthetically pleasing visuals so it's no wonder she knows a thing or two about beauty and how to maintain a youthful glow!

With a busy schedule and countless flights a month, Alex shares with us it can take quite a toll on her skin, but she's found what has worked for her and spills the tea on how she keeps her complexion selfie-ready with her daily skin care routine.

AJ keeps it simple using the same products for both morning and evening. Genius! She'll first rinse with water to help wake her skin up before she dives into her quick and easy 5 step process which includes the following products...

* Biologique Recherche - Lait VIP O2

* LUMION oxygen serum + HOCL

* Royal Fern - Phytoactive Anti-Aging Eye Cream

* Royal Fern - Phytoactive Anti-Aging Cream

* LUMION oxygen mist + HOCL

The first product she will apply is the Lait VIP O2 which is both a makeup remover and anti-pollution cleanser. Alex finds herself always working in two major cities, NY + LA, therefore protecting her skin from all the pollutants in the air is a must!

After cleansing it's time for what's personally our favorite part...serums + creams!

Giving her skin an extra dose of oxygen, AJ applies LUMION's Oxygen Serum. The lightweight serum is super hydrating, helps reduce skin irritations and is a huge factor in revealing her natural glow.

Following up the serum is Royal Fern's Phytoactive Anti-Aging Cream products! The Anti-Aging eye cream caters to the sensitive under eye area by minimizing dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness. The Anti-Aging Cream helps to deeply moisturize and stimulate collagen production.

Once all products are applied, she'll give them about a minute or tow to really sock into her skin before applying makeup. After her makeup is done she'll end her routine by spraying LUMION Oxygen Mist!

LUMION's Oxygen Mist is the one product Alex will use throughout the day. She'll keep it handy in her purse so she can give herself a quick refresh in between meetings and NEVER flies without it!

When this busy bee finally gets to hav a self-care day, she'll treat her skin to a facial at Knockout Beauty in NYC to really give her complexion a deep clean and reveal natural, illuminating skin.

We noticed that Oxygen is a trend in The Alex Jay Routine which makes sense with her on-the-go lifestyle. Our skin is in constant need of revitalizing due to environmental factors, so giving your skin an extra oxygen boost will help to keep you looking fresh-faced no matter how hectic your day is!