The Karen Wood Routine

June 5, 2019

Karen is an entrepreneur who is helping to change the game when it comes to shopping for eco-friendly clothing with her sustainable womenswear line, Neu Nomads (@neu.nomads), along with business partner Angela.

Looking to provide more attainable options for the conscious consumer, Neu Nomads' apparel is all made with fabrics from natural fibers as well as treated with non-toxic dyes! This amazing company has even taken it a step further dyeing their clothing in a facility that runs on solar power and rain water purification technology which recycles up to 90% of the water consumed! AMAZING!

While learning about how she's helping to make the fashion industry a more eco-friendly market one plant based, clean dyed, recycled package at a time, we couldn't help but to admire Karen's environment friendly mindset and wondered if her skin care routine mimicked her work we of course asked what her daily skin care regimen consists of!

A consumer of LUMION, Karen lives an active lifestyle which means she carries our Oxygen + HOCL mist with her everywhere incorporating it all throughout her day.

To get her day started, she makes a cup of joe and mists herself with LUMION to help wake her up and feel refreshed (SAME!) She'll then get her body moving by taking a hot yoga or pilates class before work. Always prepared, she carries a bottle of LUMION in her workout bag to immediately spritz after a sweaty workout therefore keeping her pores cleansed! After a hot yoga class it's also necessary to reduce redness (no tomato face here!)

Following her workout, Karen heads home to cool off with a shower and washes her face with Eve Lom Cleansing Balm - this balm is a mineral oil-free cleanser that not only helps to remove impurities without drying the skin but it's the perfect base to allow serums and moisturizers to work at their absolute best, hence why she then follows up with LUMION's serum! She's then ready to apply her makeup!

After a long day, Karen is understandably exhausted which means she's usually too tired to wash her face but she tries to make it up by giving herself a mist before heading to bed! She admits she should probably wash her face, but a girls got to do whatever it takes to get her zzz's. Karen's husband also LOVES the refreshing feeling of being spritzed (who doesn't!?) so he joins in on this important step in her skin care routine which also helps with his razor burn and blemishes.

A motto that Karen's company believes in is "doing more with less" which we believe goes hand in hand with LUMION since we also think that you only need a few key natural ingredients to achieve the healthy, radiant skin you've always wanted.

Be sure to check out Neu Nomads and learn all about the wonderful things they're doing while creating the most beautiful environment friendly pieces!