Why Amy Loves Her Infrared Sauna.

July 8, 2019

There are days when I wake up and I am super motivated to throw on my gym shoes and get a good workout in, but let's be honest, there are also days where I wish the sweat sesh came without the physical activity. The good news? That's actually possible thanks to infrared saunas!

Unlike a traditional sauna, infrared saunas use panels that penetrate heat into your body instead of the air around you making it perfect for those who want to experience an intense sweat without the extreme heat. Since they are able to operate at a temperature lower than traditional saunas, you're able to tolerate the environment for longer!

By treating myself to a 20-minute infrared sweat session I experience detoxification, muscle relief, improved circulation, clearer skin, feel more relaxed, and even get in a little cardio!

Cardio - Fun fact about infrared saunas... the increase in heart rate you experience is the same you would experience when exercising! Since the heat generated by the sauna causes your core temperature to increase (leading to an increased heart rate) your body has to work harder in order to lower your temperature or keep up with you increased heart rate therefore burning more calories.

Muscle Relief - Hopping into the sauna after an intense workout is always a good idea to help relieve sore muscles. It is also a great alternative if you suffer from joint pains and muscle aches on the regular since they can help relieve inflammation.

Relaxation - Besides the physical benefits of infrared saunas, they also help provide stress relief to help keep you mentally healthy as well. They not only help to balance your body's level of  cortisol, but the heat helps to relax your muscles and relieve tension throughout the body allowing you to take some "me time" and de-stress.

Detoxification - Whether you are trying to cure a hangover or feel a cold coming on, sweating is one of the body's most natural ways to eliminate toxins and infrared saunas actually help you to eliminate about 7x more toxins than traditional saunas! The detoxification you experience also helps to purify your skin since it eliminates toxins from your pores resulting in clearer, healthier looking skin!

You know what's better than sweating everything out in an infrared sauna?? The moment you step out and spray yourself with LUMION! By spritzing I not only give myself a refreshing pick-up, but I also give my skin an instant boost of hydration plus I give my skin a little extra detoxification!

xx Amy