Skin Care

Who doesn't love pampering themselves with a good facial?! Not only are they super relaxing but the benefits and after-glow are unreal! Now, the reality is many of us can't afford to treat ourselves to the luxury of a facial weekly or even monthly so there has become quite a trend in beauty products that can help deliver similar effects in the comfort of your own home.

From eye patches to 24k gold masks and jade rollers, there seems to be a product to meet everyone's needs, but one of our favorite facial tools to use is the gua sha tool!

If you're unfamiliar with gua sha, it is a tool (you've most likely seen them in jade or rose quartz) that is scraped against facial curvatures in order to enhance blood flow to the skin, promote lymphatic drainage as well as relax tension in facial muscles that can cause lines.

This tool may seem similar to that of the jade roller but the difference between the two is that jade rolling takes advantage of the contact between the stone and skin while with gua sha tool is more about the scraping technique than the material itself.

Don't let the term "scraping" turn you off from practicing gua sha either, you're more so dragging it along your face and are in total control of how lightly or firmly you'd like to use your tool against your skin.

So how exactly do you gua sha? First off, think of this 5-10 minutes as meditative - the repetitive style of motion has a calming effect that will help to relax you while relieving tension, similar to a facial massage.

It's best to gua sha after you've cleansed and applied your moisturizer and facial oils/serums. The reason being that the oils will give the gua sha tool maximum slip while also allowing your skin to absorb all of the nutrients from the products better.

Once you've applied your LUMION serum ✨, hold the gua sha with the curved side to your face and gently glide it up and out beginning with your neck, jawline, chin and around the mouth. Next, lightly glide out under your eyes then move on to your nose gliding or "scraping" to the sides of the cheeks, across your eyebrows and from your forehead up to your hairline. It's recommended that you repeat each motion about 3-5 times per area. Finish off with a few spritzes of LUMION mist and your skin will show you how thankful it is by glowing.

By practicing this gua sha treatment repeatedly throughout the week, you're helping to stimulate new blood flow and generate metabolic cell repair and healing which will lead to smoother, brighter, and younger looking skin almost instantly!