When Fragrance is a no.

April 10, 2019

We love products that smell yummy just as much as the next girl, but that doesn't mean we want to incorporate synthetic fragrances into our skin care routine. If it smells too good than it's a sign that it's going to be no bueno for your skin!

Don't get us wrong, it's not that we don't want our skin to smell like roses or lavender, it's just that we don't want to damage it from the inside out. There is an average of 14 harmful toxins found in synthetic fragrances added to cosmetic products.

If you weren't already aware, artificial fragrances are used in a variety of products such as moisturizer, perfume, lotion, shampoo, soap, and even detergent - the reason being to mask the smell of its ingredients and also to allure you to actually buy the product. Let's face it, you're more inclined to buy a moisturizer or soap that smells like coconut over anything that may smell a little funky.

The problem with synthetic fragrances? They can irritate your skin, cause collagen breakdown and even slow down your skin's ability to heal all of the things we try to prevent from happening! Even if you don't immediately notice any type of redness or inflammation, the damage is actually being done in the lower layers of the skin. While you apply your cucumber melon scented creams, your skin is actually losing its ability to reduce wrinkles and give you the youthful glow you were hoping to achieve by using these products!

The best way to keep it safe is to avoid products that use the words perfume, parfum, and fragrance - a lot of companies can get away with not listing all of the toxic chemicals in their products because fragrance formulas are considered trade secrets therefore they don't have to disclose what's in them. Be sure to read all labels and make it a rule to buy products that contain 10 ingredients or less.

LUMION products are not only fragrance free, but they contain no more than 5 ingredients that are all found in the human body, so it doesn't get any more natural and legit than that!