Don't Travel Without It

May 22, 2019

With Summer around the corner and temperatures rising, that icky weather is on its way and bringing along with it all of the urban pollutants looking to stick to your sweaty skin.

To help keep your skin protected and fresh faced all day long, we suggest making our LUMION Oxygen + HOCL mist your new best friend; thanks to its perfect size (TSA friendly at 3.4oz), you can easily bring LUMION along with you no matter where you go!

Below are a few of our favorite places to keep our travel buddy that way we're always prepared to give ourselves a quick refresh on the go.


Hopping from meeting to meeting? Don't let all of the running around and stress phase you, pull out your mist in between meetings and give yourself a spritz in order to look fresh faced all day! Added bonus is that it will keep your makeup looking glowy fresh as well.


No matter if it's a long or short flight, our skin tends to look tired and feel oily all thanks to the recycled air airplanes use. Spritz a few times during your flight and upon landing - it will keep your skin feeling cleansed and hydrated.


There is nothing like getting a rewarding sweat sesh in at the gym, but our sweat betrays us by clogging our pores so it's important to make sure you give your face a quick spritz to cleanse your skin and keep breakouts at bay before you walk out the door!


If you're trying to kick your 3pm coffee habit then try giving yourself a few spritzes as your "pick me up." You're not only creating a new habit but you are helping to reenergize yourself while keeping your skin clear and healthy. This is all thanks to our magical ingredient, hypochlorous acid.

Start and end your day looking and feeling just as radiant and fresh as the moment you left your house by never leaving without LUMION's Oxygen + HOCL mist! And to help with fine lines, breakouts, and skin irritations use our serum in the morning and night after cleansing!